Are you looking for agility and flexibility in your business management?

At E2K2 we understand the complexity of the TIC sector and we want to help you manage its challenges and difficulties with a complete IT Outsourcing solution.


Have you ever thought that your company should have an IT Outsourcing Strategy?  

«At E2K2 we offer a differential level of service for your company’s technological and functional needs through Outsourcing».


Benefits of having an IT Outsourcing Strategy in your company

Agility and flexibility

Respond more quickly to your business requirements.

Cost diversification and managed risk

Managed services with more than 20 years of experience, with guarantee and total legal security.

Increased competitiveness

Position yourself in a changing, competitive and global market, where ICTs provide the differential factor.

Increased specialisation

Focus on your core business, and delegate technical expertise requirements.

""Flexibility and specialisation at your fingertips"."

Aware of the enormous difficulty involved in finding the appropriate
the right specialisation in the different ICT areas, at E2K2 we want to help you
we want to help you to succeed in every challenge.

Why E2K2?


We can help you in this necessary change! A correct IT Outsourcing strategy is an essential resource for successful Pharma companies, as it allows them to count on technological specialists in an agile and flexible way.


Our experience backs us up, more than 20 years of success!

 We are experts in:



Managed cloud services


Microservices Architectures and APIs


DevOps and Deployment Pipelines


Python, Kubernetes, Spark, Airflow, Terraform, .NET, Java, Salesforce, AWS, RPA, Cloud, SAP, Oracle y más

Everything you need to take your business to the next level 

Tell us about your projects, goals and dreams. At E2K2 we will be happy to advise you and find the most qualified specialists for what you need at all times.

We hear to you!

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